About Us

Your hub for everything LOCAL

At LOCALtoLOCAL we have made it our mission to connect you with your community and vice versa. We understand that small but mighty local organizations are what makes a community great and gives it an unmistakeable character. Because of that, we aim to make them more visible than that big chains with even bigger advertising budgets - just focused, fair, free local listings. Our online community bridges the gap between local businesses, producers, initiatives and events, and people like yourself, making important information easily accessible. We also facilitate dispaying and mapping the connections between all of these local organizations to enrich your view of the networks at play in your area.

Our community forums allow for enriching back-and-forths between experienced and aspiring localites alike. Learn all about the great offerings in your community in a friendly environment.

Our Constant Progression:

We don't settle for 'acceptable' or 'good enough'. At LOCAL to LOCAL we are continuously trying to improve your experience, both on the site and in your daily life through the services we provide.

We want everything to be perfect, but perfection takes time and something is better than nothing. Let us know what you think needs improvement, what should be added, and what should be removed. We may already be working on it, or we may have never even thought of it before. Our 'Question of the Week' provides a means to give us your feedback, or email us at facilitator@localtolocal.ca.

Currently in the works:

-Improved visuals and user experience
-A section devoted to articles, interviews and other interesting media
-A better way to show off your events
-More specific categories to make finding what you are looking for even easier
-A page dedicated to what community members feel is needed in their community
-A better system of displaying restaurants' menus
-A classifieds section
-Pages specifically tailored for artists (musicians, visual artists and more)
-Job postings

Want to help? We could use the aid of:

-Web developers
-Web designers
-Backgrounds in business
-Anyone willing to share LOCAL to LOCAL with their community
-Support us in your own way!

LOCALtoLOCAL's Expenses:

We want to make our expenses transparent so that you know your contributions and donations aren't going to waste. At the moment we have a small financial need to develop the site and keep it up and running.

Our current expenses are:

Domain Name:

$15 / year

Provides you with an easy way to reach our site by typing LOCALtoLOCAL.ca into your browser.

Site Hosting:

$5 / month

Our host provider stores all the files and information required for LOCAL to LOCAL and allows you to access it over the internet.

Development Software:

$40 / month

Our software is our toolbox allowing us to build, design, restructure and add features to the site.

SSL Security Certificate:

$100 / year

Our https encryption prevents your personal information like name and email from being intercepted.

Website Development:


All the work put towards the development of the website has been contributed for free by the facilitator. Any dontation, contribution or sponsorship is greatly appreciated and will help make the service better for all!

Any funds collected in excess of our basic needs will be put towards advertising. Having a strong showing of users - both posters and viewers - is key to LOCAL to LOCAL's utility and success.

A great deal can be accomplished by advertising through posters, flyers, online advertising means such as Google & Facebook, and of course free options like word of mouth and online sharing.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Donations from our users are wonderful, but we also want to be able to give back when we receive the help of people in the community, particularly to small businesses who can use all the promotion they can get.

Featuring your business on our front page or in the community hub of the area your business resides is one of the best ways we can help you when you help us. We also love to share the love of our sponsors far and wide on social media sites like Facebook.

Since our launch at the beginning of 2015 we have averaged 125 unique visitors to the site each month - that's including our slowest preliminary months - and we are building momentum very quickly. We expect to see up to 500 unique visitors by the beginning of 2016. That's more than double our best month of 230 unique visitors, but that was with extremely limited marketing.

You can look at our expenses to see what your sponsorship will be supporting. As we grow our expenses will quickly increase to serve our users as well as we can.

Sponsorship Pricing:

You can choose from three varieties of sponsorsip placement:

  1. Front page placement
  2. Footer placement
  3. Your local community hub placement
Please contact us for more details.